American Government Handout Chapter 20:                


Question 1 & 2: What are the two types of due process in the U.S.? & .

Question 3&4:  What two amendments to the constitution mention due process?

Question 5.  Which due process deals with the fairness of a law or action?

Question: 6.  Which amendment deals with the right to bear arms?

Question 7.  Which amendment deals with illegal searches and seizures?

Question 8.  What is needed in order to get a warrant, it gives reasonable suspicion of a crime?

Question 9:  What says that evidence gained as a result of an illegal act can not be used in court?

Question 10:  What says that a person cannot be arrested and held without being charged or showing cause? 

Question 11:  What is a legislative act that inflicts punishment without a court trial? 

Question 12:: Is the answer to question 11 legal?:

Question 13:  What court case says you have to be informed of your rights when arrested?

Question 14:  The amount of money that the accused may be required to post to insure he or she will show for trial is what?

Question 15:  What amendment forbids cruel and unusual punishment?