American Government Handout Chapter 16:                


Question 1: A tax that is not geared to a persons ability to pay is called a  tax,

 Question 2: A tax geared to a persons ability to pay is called a tax.

Question 3&4:  According to Benjamin Franklin what two things are certain in life?

Question 5&6: : What are two constitutional limitations on the federal governments power to tax?

Question 7:  What tax raises the most money for the federal government?

Question 8:  The income tax is an example of a:

Question 9:  A tax laid on the consumption of goods and or services is called an?

Question 10:: How much may a person give to someone before the gift tax has to be paid (I was off by $1,000 in class)?

Question 11:  What type of tax does South Dakota not have?: :

Question 12:  If the government takes in more in taxes than they spend they are running a what?

Question 13:  If the governmemt pays out more than it takes in, in taxes they are running a what? 

Question 14:   This years proposed budget is a which of the following two questions?

Question 15:   80% of the federal budget is what kind of spending?