American Government Handout Chapter 24:                


Question 1: What is the supreme law of a state? 

 Question 2: South Dakota is one of 17 states that has the allows voters to propose constitutional change..

Question 3&4:  What are the two houses of the SD legislature called?

Question 5&6: : Who are the governor and Lt. Governor of South Dakota?

Question 7:  How many are in the Senate of South Dakota?

Question 8:  Name a judicial power of the governor:

Question 9:  What is unwritten judge made law called?

Question 10:: What is the jury called that is used to bring formal charges against someone?

Question 11:  "_______ men good and true" what word is missing?: :

Question 12:  A court order authorizing or making legal some action?

Question 13:  What type of court is the JP of the cities? 

Question 14:   What tends to be a problem with a lot states constitutions?

Question 15:   What is the process called to try and cancel a law passed by the legislature by the people?