American Government Handout Chapter 22:                


Question 1.  Who is the Queen of England?

Question 2.  What do they call the legislature in England?

Question 3.  England does not have a written constitution, what is the document they have that was the most important in limiting the power of the monarchy? 

Question 4.  Which house in England's parliament has the most power?

Question 5.  What figure in England is most like the U.S. president?

Question 6.  What is the name of Japan's legislative body?

Question 7.  Who is the emperor of Japan?

Question 8.  The Japanese are more sedate than the English are in parliament, it is said they try to reach broad agreement and avoid confrontation, this is called _____________ government?

 Question 9.  Japan does not have a military, therefore who takes care of their national defense (what country)?

Question 10.  What is a person of mixed Indian and European ancestry called?

Question 11.  Mexico does not have prime minister or Emperor as an executive, they have a:

Question 12.  What is the national legislature of Mexico called? 

Question 13.  Who led the movement that made Russia a communist country in 1917?

Question 14.  What is the executive leader of Russia called today?

Question 15.  Of the countries discussed in this chapter which one has a communist Government?