American History Handout Chapters 17:                        



1.  What did the U.S. and Britain decide to defeat first in WWII?

2.  What country was Germany throwing most of their forces at in 1942 and 43?

3. Who was the leader of the Soviet Union who wanted another front started in Europe?

4. Who was the German leader called the Desert Fox?

5.  What battle in Europe (in Jan. of 1943) did Hitler lose because "I won't go back from the Volga."? 

6.  What was the first battle in the Pacific that the Japanese lost (it was the turning point in the Pacific)?

7.  What was the code name for D-Day?

8.  What country did we launch D-Day into?

9.  Where was the first atomic bomb ever used in war dropped?

10.  What was the project called that developed the Atomic Bomb?

11.& 12.  Name two of the big three for the allies:

13.  Name the allied commander in charge of D-Day?

14.  What country lost the most lives in WW II?.

15.  How many Jews were killed by the Nazis?