American History Handout Chapters 24:                        



1.  What country did Nixon visit that caused such a stir?

2.  Who was Nixon's chief diplomatic advisor?

3. Who was Nixon's 1st Attorney General?

4. Who was Nixon's Chief of Staff?

5.  Who pardoned Nixon after he resigned? 

6.   Who won the presidency in 1976?  

7.  What country overthrew their government and took Americans hostage?

8.  What was the name of the Nuclear Power that had a nuclear accident in 1979?

9.  What country did the U.S. recognize as China for 20 plus years before Nixon visited?

10.  What treaty did the U.S. and the Soviet Union sign to limit nuclear weapon production?

11.& 12.  Name the two men who ran for president in 1976::

13.  Name the hotel that was broken into that caused a huge scandal?

14. What president had to resign from office?.

15.  Who is the only man to serve as president but was not elected to either the office of president or Vice-President?