American History Handout Chapters 22:                        



1.  What country controlled Vietnam before we became involved in their affairs?

2.  Who was the revolutionary leader of Vietnam?

3. Who was the ARVN fighting against in South Vietnam?

4. Who decided not to run for president in 1968?

5.  What presidential candidate was assassinated in 1968: 

6.   Who promised Peace with honor in 1968:  

7.  What is someone who was against war called?

8.  What is someone who was in favor with war called?

9.  Who as the leader of the Kmer Rough?

10.  What was the offensive on the Vietnam new year called?

11.& 12.  Name two men assassinated in 1968::

13.  Who wanted to Vietnamize the war?

14.  At what college were 4 students killed protesting the war?.

15.  What was the theory that if one country fell to communism then another followed by another called?