American History Handout Chapters 21:                        



1.  Name the Supreme Court case that overturned Plessy vs. Ferguson?

2.  Who was the 1st black man to serve on the Supreme Court?

3. Who was the 14 year old boy killed in Money, Miss. for talking to a white woman?

4. What city experienced a bus boycott?

5.  Name the city that first tried to segregate its high school? 

6.  What University was integrated in 1962 by James Meredith?

7.  In what city in the south was Martin Luther King arrested?

8.  What city did King give his famous I have a Dream Speech?

9.  Who was the Muslim black leader who preached separation of the races?

10.  Who assassinated Martin Luther King Jr.?

11.& 12.  Name two civil rights leaders assassinated during this chapter:

13.  Who was the police chief of Birmingham?

14.  Who act of defiance triggers the Montgomery bus boycott?.

15.  What religion was Malcolm X affected by?