Psychology  Quiz Chapter 14:


Question 1: Something that is non sacred is called:  .

Question 2: Who felt that religion was the opiate of the people:  .

Question 3: What is a life-encompassing religious organization to which all members of a society belong:

Question 4:  One of several religious organizations that most members of a society accept as legitimate:

Question 5:  A unified system of beliefs and practices concerned with sacred things: 

Question 6:  Holy; set apart and given a special meaning that goes beyond, or transcends immediate existence:

Question 7: A religious organization whose characteristics are not drawn from existing religious traditions within a society: 

Question 8:  A religious organization that arises out of a desire to reform an existing religious organization is a: :

Question 9:  What is the way people demonstrate or express their religious interests and convictions:

Question 10:  What is it called when religion declines in society and is not as strong as it once was:

Question 11:  What is the rigid adherence to traditional religious beliefs, rituals and doctrines called:

Question 12:   When some believe that the world was made in seven days and others do not this is a conflict between religion and:

Questions 13:  Profane does not mean unholy it means:

Question 14:   Who would be considered a conflict theorist in regards to religion :

Question 15:  What is the largest denomination in the United States?