Psychology  Quiz Chapter 5:


Question 1: A position a person occupies within a social structure   .

Question 2: A position that is earned and chosen is called an .

Question 3:  The fact that you are a woman or a man is an example of an:

Question 4:  The fact that you are student body president is an example of an::

Question 5:  All of the statuses a person occupied at any particular time is:: 

Question 6:  A behavior that is expected because of a particular status you have is called a:

Question 7: The process of influencing each other as people relate is called: 

Question 8:  The condition in which the performance of a role in one status interferes with the performance of a role in another status: :

Question 9:  The condition in which the roles of a single status are inconsistent or conflicting:

Question 10:  A society that uses plows and draft animals in growing food:

Question 11:  A society in which food is obtained primarily by raising and taking care of animals:

Question 12:   The degree to which a society is unified:

Questions 13:   A society in which the economic emphasis is on providing services and information:

Question 14:   The process of replacing animal and human power with machine power:

Question 15:  During which level of society did crime and social disorder increase dramatically (at first):