Psychology  Quiz Chapter 10:


Question 1: What is the classification of people as male or female based on biological characteristics:  .

Question 2: If you feel that you are male or female because of learned cultural values that is called:  .

Question 3:  According to one study in this chapter who values appearance more:

Question 4:  According to the same study who values social class and income more:

Question 5:  According to the same study who favors a younger mate: 

Question 6:  Once again according to the previous study who favors an older mate:

Question 7: If you tend to favor physical aggressiveness in conflict situations you are probably: 

Question 8:  What is the process of teaching children how to act like a boy or a girl called: :

Question 9:  Which theory thinks that society uses gender to keep women down:

Question 10:  If male football players and female cheerleaders get more respect which is reinforcing gender socialization:

Question 11:  A set of beliefs, attitudes norms, and values used to justify sexual inequality is:

Question 12:   The set of beliefs, attitudes, norms, and values used to justify age-based prejudice and discrimination is called:

Questions 13:  Old people are bad drivers is an example of a:

Question 14:   The AARP is an example of an elderly:

Question 15:  What two groups from this chapter are considered minorities even though one of them is 1/2 the population: