World History Quiz Chapter 19:                        


Question 1: What man improved the steam engine in 1764? 

Question 2  What was the money used to invest in business opportunities called?  

Question 3.  What was a person who took the financial risk of starting a business?

Question 4.  What was another term for the cottage system?

Question 5:  The movement of people to the cities was called? 

Question 6:  What country was the first to go through the industrial revolution?   

Question 7:  Who come up with the idea of scientific socialism?

Question 8:  What were the have nots of society called?:

Question 9: Who invented the cotton gin? 

Question 10,11:&  12: Name three things England had that were favorable to industrialization and allowed the industrial revolution to happen?

Question 13: What were private roads that they charged people use called?

Question 14:  What were the large apartment buildings that the poor people lived in at the time called?

Question 15:  Who invented the spinning jenny?