World Geography Quiz Chapter 4:                        


Question 1: Who was the king of the civilization found on the Island of Crete 

Question 2:  What was suppose to live under the Royal Palace of Minoan?

Question 3:  What sea do many of the Greek Isles lie in?.

Question 4:  Who wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey?  

Question 5:  Helen was kidnapped and take to what city thus causing a great war? .

Question 6: What society of Greece was very militaristic and taught their boys to be soldiers?:

Question 7:  In what city state did democracy first begin? 

Question 8 & 9:  Name the two most dominate city states in Greek ancient times:

Question 10:  What empire from Asia (present day Turkey) tried to defeat the Greeks? .

Question 11:  is the site of a battle after which a famed long distance race often run in the Olympics is named.

Question 12:  Name the great leader from Macedonia who conquered Greece and Persia?

Question 13:  What famous philosopher was put to death for being a bad influence on the young people of Athens?

Question 14: What was the man in the previous question forced to drink at his execution?

Question 15:  Greek dramas were performed in honor of what god?