World Geography Quiz Chapter 10:                        


Question 1: Who is the prophet of Islam? 

Question 2, 3, and 4: Name three of the 5 Pillars of Islam:


Question 5:  The  was the departure of Mohammad from Mecca, it means the flight.

Question 6:  Who is the god of Islam?  

Question 7:  What city was Mohammad run out for fear that his new religion would hurt the trade business of the city?

Question 8:  What city did Mohammad flee to during his flight from the city in question 7?:

Question 9: What is the holy book of the Islamic religion called? 

Question 10 & 11:  List two things Muslims are forbidden to do?

Question 12: What was the cube shaped building housing the sacred black stone with all the many gods images on it called?

Question 13:  How many times a day must a Muslim pray?

Question 14:  What is the Muslim holy month called?

Question 15:  A Muslim holy place is called a: